Find the driver or passengers, save on journeys. Protect the environment and have a great time. Where are we going?

How does it work? is a portal supporting and promoting the idea of common travel, that is carpooling. We join the community of drivers and passengers and therefore allow to reduce the costs of travel, protect environment and have new acquaintances. As a driver you will spend less on fuel and car maintenance and if you travel as a passenger you will be attracted by the low price for transfer.

Every day the main streets of large cities are dominated by traffic jams and most cars transport no passengers. The urban arteries are full and the environment is suffering. With both the travellers and the environment are beneficiaries – it would be enough that every driver took at least one passenger and many cars would disappear from the crowded streets.


Save time

How much time and stress you need to have for reaching the destination with capricious public transport? Don’t you subordinate your activities to transport schedules? With you will quickly find a convenient connection and reach your destination on time. 

Meet interesting people

Do not travel to work and parties alone, find yourself in a group of persons with similar interests and surprising stories to be told. The boredom has ended, common travel is a nice company and new acquaintances.

Travel safely

We care for safety and convenience by verifying the identity of our users. A novelty distinguishing us against competition is an optional transfer insurance. Common travel has never been so safe.

Save money

There is no way that costs of travel can go higher – fuel cost is divided by 5. We charge a small fee for use of the Service and some drivers may require insurance from You. You will not be exposed to any hidden costs with us.


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We reduced CO2 level by 280 589,00 kg (