Added: 20.04.2017

The spring

This year the spring weather is not so great. Nevertheless, a few sunny days were enough to make cyclist pop up on the streets. The bicycle is an amazing means of transport 

which is not only good for your health, but also for the environment. Still, we should remember that riding a bicycle on the road means that we are road users and we should comply with the road traffic regulations. As drivers we should be particularly careful when we are passing cyclists - use your turn signal and keep a safe distance. Moreover, we should be careful when we are approaching an intersection with bicycle paths alongside pedestrian crossings. Cyclists move faster than pedestrians and this is why drivers have to be attentive.

Nice weather is also a reason for increasing number of motorcyclists on the roads. Car drivers have to remember about single-track vehicles especially during changing lanes and, what is of high importance, they have to remember to look in the mirrors.

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