About us

Who are we?

Brum-Brum.pl is a portal created in 2012 for alternative to traditional means of travel. It is a reaction to high prices of fuel and tickets in public means of transport and an attempt to attract public attention to the issue of natural environment pollution by fumes.

How do we act?

A driver making available a free seat in its car receives a return of part of fuel costs and the passenger saves money sharing costs with travel companions. In this way you can travel not only to work, school or university but also to sports events, concerts or for holiday. If you are going for weekend home or study part-time try to find a companion from your town or region and travel together!

What is the idea?

We all try to live ecologically. The ever increasing prices of fuel make travelling more difficult. The combination of these two aspects contributed to foundation of BRUM-BRUM. It is a new alternative for travellers who do not like to have a choice between comfort and low price and also a mobile Web platform created out of passion for travelling. 

We reduced CO2 level by 280 589,00 kg (co2.myclimate.org)