What is brum-brum.pl?

Travelling by car alone exposes us to additional costs related to high prices of petrol, traffic jams and additional CO2 emissions. Brum-Brum.pl is a portal created to allow the users to economise with common travel and environmental protection. Common travel has been for several years a strong tendency in the West Europe and USA and has risen to be a strong competition for traditional communication means.

Rules of safe use

A driver making available free seat in its car receives a return of part of fuel costs and the passenger saves money as he/she shares the costs with other travel companions. In this way you can not only commute to work, school or university but also travel to sports events, concerts or for holiday. Deciding for travel by our portal you can feel freely and safely thanks to data verification. You can also view the characteristics and interests of another person by viewing his/her public profile. With this, an alternative of common travel opens the door to knowing new interesting people. In order to join the Brum-Brum community you need to register.

Travel offer – how to register in the Service?

Registration is done in two ways: by Facebook and traditionally. When the logging window is displayed, after clicking the Facebook icon your profile on this portal will be automatically integrated with our Service. Other users will be able to view your content set as “public”. Your Facebook data are not processed.

Travel offer – what are my obligations against travel companion?

In our Service there is a rule of return of part of fuel costs incurred on the route. The User is required to return a part of fuel costs to the driver which are precisely calculated by our system already before the journey.

Transfer search – methods of payment

When you have found a convenient transfer the only thing you need to do is to contact with the person you are to travel with. You are required to pay the amount calculated by our service, which covers a part of travel costs. Payment for part of fuel costs among passengers is done directly during the travel.

Data processing – Facebook Account

Your Facebook account is needed for simple logging. With this plug-in registration in the Service takes only a while and other users can see your interests (obviously only when you have given your consent to share them).

Data processing – E-mail address

We need your e-mail address to confirm any offer you submitted, any booked transfer and to send you a message to confirm the terms and conditions of Your next transfer. If you give your consent we will inform you by e-mail on any new routes and Service updates.

 Data processing – Phone number

Contact phone number is needed during process of verification of personal data. We will send you a message to this e-mail which will allow you to complete the data verification process. When you choose a connection we also share phone numbers to travel companions to facilitate contact. We agree not to use contact phones of users for any other purpose.
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We reduced CO2 level by 280 589,00 kg (co2.myclimate.org)